Skip the long projects - Let's Talk EASY

Have you ever started a project and then immediately regretted it? Yep, me too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid out projects, pinned them on Pinterest, or bought the paint to just never make that plunge into the project. Maybe it’s some sort of PTSD. I’ve been straddled with things that take hours…days…YEARS even. In my mind I’m thinking… “Do I have the time to finish the project?” Valid question, and definitely one to consider beforehand.


Let’s talk about Ready To Assemble furniture, or as we call it in the industry, RTA furniture. We’ve come a long way from NOTHING being pre-assembled to being able to ship items that are partly assembled. Plus, all the great new technology making things even simpler when you do have to assemble the unit. It’s something that we at Ameriwood Home are striving for. A better user experience. A better time. A better buy!


With these goals in mind and new technology on our side, we are happy to say that we have a good assortment of items that are considered “easy” or “simple” assembly. Some of these are even TOOLLESS! Isn’t it AH-MAZING? Take a look at our top picks for simple assembly items in the collection board on the top of the Home Page.


But for a glance, here are items that shouldn’t be too much of a bother in your project timeline. You’ll still have plenty of time to browse TikTok, online shop and DoorDash your dinner without feeling overwhelmed by a project.


Sneak Peek:

Let’s start with our newest item, the Condor Toolless TV Stand. This easy snap together TV Stand is ideal for someone living in a dorm room, apartment, small space, or just anyone that hates a long project. We have you all in mind!

Condor Toolless TV Stand


How about a storage tower? It’s great for bathroom storage, or even next to your desk. Vertical storage is BOOMING now, and this will have you on-trend in less than an hour! Check out the Ashlar collection and even coordinate it with other bathroom and office styles.


Let’s talk retro looks. We have desks and living room collections that don’t have to take hours to assemble, but still give you an awesome finished look. It’s the best of both worlds…you feel a sense of accomplishment after you get it all together, but only you will know just how easy the assembly was. Check out the Haven Retro Desks or the Owen tables.