How to decorate using Pantone’s Colors of the Year


Goodbye Classic Blue Pantone of 2020, and HELLOOO to our two new favorite Pantones, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow! 2021 is looking bright already with these fresh hues in line. I only see one problem here…there isn't enough yellow in my life, and Pantone has made that crystal clear now!

Redecorating can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Ameriwood Home has plenty of stylish options in both gray and yellow tones, so you can keep up with the latest trend but not break the bank. Let’s look at just a couple of the fun options Ameriwood Home has to offer in these two colorways.

Starting off with some yellow, you will see that Franklin has been produced in a soft yellow tone on one of our top selling accent tables. It's great for any living space, big or small. This semi-muted yellow table is a great way to break into the bold scene without a bright yellow shock. If you like an eclectic look, you could always add in the gray Franklin for two different colors on the sides of a couch. Or, and stop me if I’m getting too crazy, you could check out our Fairmont End table and mix the French Cottage style with the Modern Franklin. Both show great in our yellow hue! Tough decisions, I know. Don’t worry, I have more options to keep your head spinning!

Choose one or both!

Another great yellow option comes from our Cache design. This is a nod to the metal locker trend too. The classic "two trends, one item." This industrial collection is branded The Novogratz, a partner of Ameriwood Home. It’s just the kind of funky functional you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without now!

Now, let’s dive into the neutral gray options. There are so many, so we won’t list them all. But you can find them all together here if you have time for a quick browse.

Let’s say you want a larger space done in a staple color. How about we talk about a full living room collection. The Mason collection is modern with an industrial spin. You can shop the Fireplace TV Stand, Coffee Table, End Table, and even Audio Piers! Talk about a new living room look!

You can also look into a Kendall cabinet to organize your laundry room, basement, or garage with the varying size options. Bonus points if you decorate your grays with some pops of yellow!

The Kendall is a top seller that comes in multiple sizes and colors. 


If you are looking at something more along the lines of fabrics, because who doesn't like a good throw pillow or blanket, we can fully back that decision. While we might not offer up the perfect fabric items, we can share some inspiration with the two color tones. From simple to bold, these colors are a powerhouse together! Check out the options we have pulled from subtle pillows to a bold accent wall. Start small and end big! Remember, this is the fun part. Get out and decorate!