Spring has arrived – Enter the entryway necessities!

The Good - Spring is HERE, and we are so ready! The long-awaited warmer weather is creeping in, and we can hear the birds singing their sweet songs of victory over winter.

The Bad - With spring comes additional worries. It starts with unpredictable weather (rain, mud, wind…allergies - we can’t help you there, though), and we end up pulling every piece of our wardrobe out just to be comfortable for one day. The cooler mornings and warmer evenings have us dressing in layers and preparing for all the seasons in 24 hours. It’s starting to create a lot of clutter. 

As a furniture company, we can only do so much. So, let’s focus on what we have going for us - the gift of storage. Entryways are the gateway to your home, and if your guests are tripping over a stack of shoes as they walk in, you aren’t leaving a great impression. Ameriwood Home has options for all different entryways so you can dodge the mess.

Let’s review:

We have Hall Trees like the Knox County, Farmington, and Elmwood that provide maximum storage for your coats, hats, purses, shoes, and rain gear. They also offer benches, so you have a convenient place to sit and decide which pair of shoes will work with the weather. They are the true MVPs here and do it all!

Or, you can go the smaller route with a bench. There are several stylish bench options with a cushy cushion to bring you a little extra organization. Our Penelope is a simple 3 cubby bench that just so happens to be a top seller in the category. And, we also have a closed storage option in the classic rustic style of Farmington. Whether you want to add cute baskets or just shove everything you can in drawers, we have you covered both ways.

Finally, if you have more vertical space than anything, then think about a cabinet. We have a few. The Braewood collection comes in several sizes and colors, but the best feature is the rustic vibes mixed with the mesh front doors. It’s a little industrial with a lot of rustic. Or go full rustic with a Farmington cabinet, also found in multiple sizes and colors.

To recap, we love the weather and how it’s warming up, but we really don't love not having a place for all the accessories it takes to get through a day. By adding one of our Ameriwood Home entryway pieces, you can organize all these accessories in style and be confident that your entryway will look great.